Deanna Lynn

Laser Coach & Energy Healer


My name is Deanna Lynn, and I am a Certified Regan Hillyer, Laser Coach and Energy Healer.

I am a Health and Wellness coach who turned to Energy Healing and Laser Coaching after a series of traumatic events. Events that awakened me from the illusion of not being enough and thinking there was something I needed to fix within myself.

I transformed the relationship I have with myself, using these tools. I now love and accept all aspects of myself and I am waaaaay more gentle on this journey called life.

I am excited to share my Gift with YOU!

My passion is to guide You in remembering that you are Enough! There is absolutely nothing you need to change. You are Perfect, exactly the way you are, Right Now!

I help You create a new relationship with yourself by learning how to love and accept all aspects of yourself.


Together, we will rediscover every intricate, amazing detail that makes you, uniquely YOU!

Every session is a safe, and loving space where you are able to go within to see the walls you've built that are blocking you, and keeping you blind to the perfection that is You. Once you can see these walls for what they really are, choosing to take them down is simple and instant!

Are you ready to go on a journey of Self Discovery?


Or shall I say, Self Remembering.

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