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Deanna is absolutely amazing.

I had a session with her this week and wow things manifested IMMEDIATELY for me (while we were on the call). She asked some really great leading questions and helped walk me through releasing what's blocking me and aligning me to with the reality I desire. Very profound work. I'm continuously saying no to the echoes of the past coming back up to make sure my decision to shift is solid and I'm doing great committing. I left our session with an action plan and she even followed up with me the day after to make sure I followed through. Deanna is such a great coach and healer. Lucky to have experienced her new tools.

- Ashley Pfeffer


I would highly recommend Deanna

. . . when you search for a deep and profound work. She is such a gifted coach with an amazing intuition. She is someone you would trust from the very beginning as she is truly listening to what is being said. She creates such a safe and loving space so you could be real and vulnerable. Her sessions gave me the clarity and confidence I was looking for. Thank you Deanna for guiding and supporting me on my journey! 🙏🧡


- Magdalena Lamentowicz



Deanna is absolutely amazing!

She helped me work through a few issues that were stopping me from moving forward in my life. She has such a beautiful and sweet energy about her and she made me feel safe and heard - something which is really important for me! Thank you so much, you're absolutely amazing! 🙏💖😘


- Kaki Lee




Deanna is a talented and powerful Coach & Healer!

I had a wonderful session with her that was very deep and transformative. She provides a safe and supportive space for you to naturally unfold. I greatly appreciate her guidance, gifts, and process! I highly recommend her amazing services! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


- Mary Ellen McCune



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