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Introducing 'Medical Intuitive'
In - Training Sessions


Welcome to an exciting new chapter in holistic health guidance with our Medical Intuitive-in-Training Sessions. Embark on a journey of intuitive discovery, combined with two decades of health and fitness expertise.

What are Intuitive-in-Training Sessions?


As I step into the realm of intuitive health insights, these sessions represent a fusion of my extensive experience in health, fitness, and spiritual growth with emerging intuitive abilities. While I am still honing these skills, the sessions are designed to offer valuable guidance and insights, blending physical, postural, medical, energetic and spiritual perspectives.

What You Can Expect:


  • In-Training Approach: As an intuitive-in-training, I am practicing and developing my abilities to receive insights. While intuitive guidance may come through, it is not guaranteed in every session.

  • Rich Expertise: Regardless of the level of intuitive insight, you will benefit from my comprehensive background in health, fitness, trauma, the nervous system, and metaphysical messages.

  • Personalized Sessions: Each session is tailored to your needs and goals, providing clarity and guidance on your health journey.

  • Interactive Experience: Just like a fitness intake, we'll discuss your current health status, struggles, and aspirations. The sessions are engaging and designed to be an exploratory experience.

  • A Touch of Spirituality: Sessions may begin with a card pull to set the tone and explore how its message unfolds throughout our time together.

Your Takeaways:


  • Clarity and Knowledge: Gain deeper understanding and clarity about your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

  • Guidance and Strategies: Walk away with practical strategies and insights, regardless of the level of intuitive input.

  • Fun and Exploration: Enjoy an engaging and insightful session, exploring various aspects of your health in a supportive environment.

Special Beta Pricing:


As I am in the process of training, these sessions are offered at a special beta rate of $100. This is a unique opportunity to experience a blend of intuitive and practical health guidance at an introductory price.

Start Your Intuitive Health Journey


Ready to explore the synergy of intuition and expertise in your health journey? Book your Medical Intuitive-in-Training Session today and take a step towards holistic understanding and wellness.

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