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Hi, my name is Deanna Lynn and I am a health and wellness coach, and personal trainer who turned to energy healing, and then life and spiritual coaching and teaching after a series of traumatic events.


Thank you for following your soul’s calling and taking the time to listen to this.


I would love to connect with you on a deeper level to see if it is a correct fit for me to support you on your journey.


A bit about my services...


My services and sessions are very unique to me, my certifications and what I have learned over the years on my personal journey after losing everything and hitting rock bottom, multiple times.


In my sessions I create a safe, supportive, nurturing and judgement free space to lead you from where you are now and to get you to where you actually want to be by first teaching you about energy, and how it is connected to the mind / body while empowering you from within.


First, a bit about my own journey...


At the beginning of my internal, self healing journey, I felt very alone and didn’t have anyone to support me or answer questions and there was not much out there online like there is today and at that time I vowed I would learn as much as I could and really pay attention to all stages of my journey so I could really support others because I knew how it felt to go through it alone. Once this kinda knowledge became mainstream and some might say trendy, I began spending a lot of time gaining knowledge like it was my full time job, well it was because I wasn’t working and I kept getting distracted by everything out there and stuck down many rabbit holes to appease my intellectual mind and feel like I was doing something and moving forward in life and in reality, I was too busy to take the time to really embody what I was learning and wanting to create.


I worked with many coaches, mentors and took a lot of courses to try and heal, with not much luck. I was following what others were doing and giving my power away to them thinking they knew where I was and what was best for me because, well they were where I wanted to be so they must know! Until I hit another level of rock bottom and then everything shifted. Everything I was doing prior was not serving me, so I stopped listening to external guidance and I found the right tools to shift me fast and get back on track and healthy again. Which had me really see that everyone is so unique and so is what works for them.


Because of that, my sessions are very holistic and empowering in nature, meaning that I guide you to find the answers from within, find the tools that work specifically for you and help you to bridge the gap between where you are and where you what to be and embody it for life as quick and as simple as possible. I don’t want it to take you many years to get to this place like me, so if I can save you the time and headaches I would love to.


I use a combination of different tools from NLP, hypnosis, energetic healing, energetic rewiring, timeline therapy, visualizations and quantum healing techniques as well as using my intuition to share what ever comes through for you.


With these tools I can help anyone through anything, not to toot my own horn, but that is what the tools are meant for whether it be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or a combination of all of them. It’s all the same when it comes to rewiring and healing. And I have a plethora of other tools and ways to heal that I have tried and learned along the way and I can point you in the right direction if I feel they would be aligned for you.


I have personally healed myself from adrenal burnout, a brain injury, limbic system impairment, nervous system dis-regulation, a traumatic accident, an abusive relationship, reoccurring back injury, pain, sciatica, losing everything, finding a new purpose, a lot of childhood programming as well as self sabotage, inner critic, judgmental, people pleasing and procrastination habits.

If this feels like a fit for you, and you vibe with my energy, I welcome you to fill out the form below so I can get to know you a bit more. From there we will get on a call to meet each other and talk about what it’s like moving forward. As you can see there are no prices on the website. Like the coaching, the packages are unique to you as well. If its a fit for you and I to work together, we will discuss how to move forward and what is aligned mentally, emotionally and financially for you.

Thanks for investing the time in yourself!


Deanna Lynn

I am READY to TRANSFORM my LIFE and I would love you to support me!

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