How I cleared my Anxiety instantly, from the root!

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Last night, I was lying in bed, it was 3am and I heard a loud, disturbing noise outside as I was trying to fall back asleep. A common theme with the area I live in. This is something that would have got my heart racing and trigger a gut level fear for safety within me. Especially after my accident 4 years ago. 

I have always had some level of nervousness in my body and depending on the depth of what was going on in my life, it would trigger my anxiety and sometimes panic attacks. It seemed as though this got progressively worse, a couple years after my accident. 

But something was different tonight, I felt nothing... It was like I was just able to observe it and think, “I just heard a loud sound outside." When normally, my heart would be raising instantly before I could even have any kind of conscious thought. This would then trigger fears like, “Is someone trying to break into my car? My house? Am I safe? Is something going to happen to me?”

Previously, I had been working hard on calming my nervous system, stepping into the observer role with my anxiety, and being able to get my mind to calm. But, my body just wouldn’t! There was still this anxious, fluttering feeling in my solar plexus. No matter what I did, I couldn’t stop it. It would take a couple hours after the trigger for it to dissipate. I just had to ride it out and wait for my body to feel safe again.

So when this happened, I was blown away... Mostly because I hadn’t even worked on this with my Coach at all in our recent sessions. It was actually a bi-product of what I was shifting in the last week! A deep level of shame, I have held in my body my whole life. 

I couldn’t believe it, the shame I was holding was the root cause of all my anxiety!!! 

Knowing what I know now about triggers, I could see the anxiety was coming from the trapped emotions. When you have an emotion trapped in your body, the littlest thing can trigger it. It's like the body's way of alerting you of perceived danger. The shame was rooted in a gut level fear, which was causing my anxiety and panic attacks.

Anxiety is interesting because it’s a fear of what might happen... But it is triggered by a past memory. It's an emotion that is trapped in the body from that memory. That is most likely running unconsciously, the root cause of it at least. 

For me, the shame held this deep fear of being bad, wrong or getting into trouble from when I was a child, which had me not trusting myself or feeling safe in my own body. Like I couldn't protect myself. 

This trapped emotion was causing my anxiety because all the fears I have ever had were vibrating at the same time. And it’s interesting because fear is fear and it doesn’t even need to be related to what you are experiencing at the time. At a young age, we actually develop a fear of feeling fear! And the same can go for anxiety. You can get anxiety about having anxiety.

And I don’t know about you, but the last few years when I have felt any fear, it instantly moved into anxiety. 

After releasing it from the root, now when fear comes up for me, it will not shift into anxiety, or a panic attack. I will be able to manage it and talk myself and my body back to feeling safe within moments. 

What I love so much about this coaching system is it is fast and instant at getting to the root of an emotion so it can be released. And clearly, the root affects more areas that just the one you think it’s shifting! 

I am beyond grateful for finding this system. It seriously is the most life changing thing I have ever experienced. It not only rewires the mind to create a new neurological pathway, but it also creates the shift in your body at a cellular level.

I am so excited to help other's clear fears that have debilitated them their whole life. 

If you would like to know more about my Coaching, or see if this is a fit for you, please BOOK a FREE 30 minute Discovery call today! And Please Remember, You are ENOUGH, and you don't have to change a thing! You are PERFECT exactly the way you are RIGHT NOW! 💜⭐️ Massive Love ⭐️💜 Deanna Lynn xoxo If you would like to receive all my Blog Posts to your email, please join my Mailing List.

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